Have you bought a van yet? What kind are you going to buy?


Yes! We have purchased a 2000 Ford Econoline 12-passenger van. We are currently building it out into a campervan in preparation for our November 4th departure.

What route are you planning to take?


You can find an image of our route here.

Aren’t you worried you might get sick of each other on the road?


We gave this whole “living-in-a-confined-space-and-being-together-24/7” thing a go back in 2016 when we lived and traveled in a pretty primitive camper van in Australia. We had such a great time together that we knew we needed to do it again. 

How much is this going to cost?


Our total budget for the project is $80,000. This includes transportation, lodging, food, supplies, artist stipends, car insurance, health insurance, educational programming, web hosting, and incidentals. If you’d like to see a detailed budget, send us an email at 50states@chaw.org.

How will you decide where to go in each state?


Somewhat spontaneously.


In researching the history of the American road trip, one of the things that came up most was freedom. The freedom of the open road is what has compelled artists, writers, and tourists to see the country by car for over a century. We feel that if we were to plan a precise route, some essential part of the project would be lost.


That being said, we will most likely have a “home base” in each state where we know someone or have a connection to an arts organization. If you’re interested in hosting us for a night or two, please send us an email at chaw@50states.org.

How many states have you been to?


As of October 2019, Kate has been to 26 states and Tom has been to 36.

Have you ever done something like this before?


Yes! In 2016 we spent six months in Australia, and for two of those months we lived and traveled in a camper van. We started in Sydney and drove up most of the East coast of the continent, then Westward into the Red Center to Alice Springs and Uluru, then South through Coober Pedy and Adelaide, and finally back East across the Southern part of the continent, ending in Melbourne.

Kate also did a small-scale version of this project with her partner-in-crime and fellow artist Kristen Orr. The two artists spent a week driving across North Carolina, stopping in seven unique sites of biodiversity and creating art in each one. The project is still underway, as Kate and Kristen compile the visual data from each site into a singular print for each location. The project is called In My Backyard.

Are you planning to visit US territories?


We don’t currently have it in our budget to visit U.S. territories but we love the idea of it for a follow-up project!

Are you planning to visit Hawaii and Alaska? 

Yes! We will fly to both Hawaii and Alaska.

How can I help?


Thanks for asking! You can help out in a number of ways:

1. Donate. Every little bit helps.

2. Spread the word! Share our project on social media.

3. Volunteer to be one of our State Ambassadors. Each State Ambassador will serve as our local guide and contact in the event of an emergency. The State Ambassador should be able to provide travel suggestions, cultural background, and logistical information about their state. Ambassadors can provide additional support in the form of housing for a night or two and access to laundry facilities.

4. Connect us to an arts organization in your state that might be interested in developing programming with us.

5. Share your road trip story with us by sending an email to 50states@chaw.org.