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What We're Doing

Artists Kate Fleming and Tom Woodruff are traveling to all 50 states while conducting visual research, visiting arts and community organizations, and collaborating remotely with CHAW’s Youth Arts Program. 



We’re traveling to the lower 48 in a small camper van we built out ourselves (with help!). We're also flying to Alaska and Hawaii. As we travel, Kate paints and Tom photographs in each state.



While we’re on the road, we video chat weekly with a class of 8–10-year-olds at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. We share our experiences from the road and the students create artwork and writing in response. 

50 states_trip_20191114_WV0061.JPG

Community Engagement

Although our route is somewhat spontaneous, we anchor our trip with stops at arts organizations across the country. Want to connect with us? Send us a message!

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