Who We Are

We're two artists documenting America
through painting and photography.

Kate Fleming

Kate Fleming is a painter, printmaker, muralist, and installation artist based in her hometown of Arlington, Virginia. She has shown her work throughout the DC area and across the U.S. at galleries and mural festivals including POW! WOW! DC; Site:Brooklyn in New York; and Flatbed Press in Austin. Kate was artist-in-residence at CHAW in the Spring of 2018. She has also completed residencies at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, Virginia and Penland School of Craft in Bakersville, NC. Additionally, Kate has worked as a set designer with CHAW’s resident theater company, Taffety Punk, whom she met during her residency at CHAW. Kate spent six months traveling in Australia in 2016 with her partner and fellow artist Tom Woodruff, living and traveling in a camper van. She also conducted an artistic survey of biodiversity in North Carolina in 2017, painting her way across the state on an intensive seven-day road trip with fellow artist Kristen Orr. Kate is a resident artist for the 50 States Project, and has been dreaming about painting her way across America since graduating from the College of William and Mary in 2014.



Tom Woodruff

Tom Woodruff is a recent graduate of Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication with a Master's degree in photojournalism. He has undertaken multiple long-term photographic studies of place, including photo essays on tourism and the National Mall, gentrification of DC’s Massachusetts Avenue, and perseverance of community in the small coal mining town of Hemlock, Ohio. Tom works to develop trust with the communities he photographs through his working philosophy of empathy, rather than of exploitation. Tom spent six months traveling around Australia in 2016 with Kate, living and traveling in a camper van. In 2017, Tom and Kate presented their Australian artworks in a two-person collaborative exhibition at Falls Church Arts in Falls Church, Virginia. He has also shown his work at d’Art Center in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2019, Tom was a finalist for the Reinke Grant for Visual Storytelling. He is a resident artist for the 50 States Project.



Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) plays a unique role in providing creative opportunities to a broad spectrum of students in the DC Metro area. Their educational offerings span a wide range of visual and performing arts with after-school classes, camps, workshops, outreach, and residencies serving students and artists of all ages. It is a source of organizational pride that CHAW has never turned away a student for inability to pay.

Since 1972, CHAW has been a creative hub for exchange of ideas and culture, bringing diverse groups of people closer together. It is a space where people from different racial, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds can learn and play together through shared artistic experiences. CHAW’s mission of building community through the arts is rooted in the belief that making art in community with others requires an openness that creates space for taking risks. That same openness enables participants to share their stories and perspectives with others — visually, musically, theatrically. This powerful mechanism for engendering empathy, acceptance, and appreciation of others is at the heart of all that CHAW does.