The 50 States Project is a mobile artist residency traveling to all 50 states.

We're two artists documenting America through painting and photography.

In November of 2019, we set out to travel to all 50 states in one year, painting and photographing our way across the country.


After 17 states and nearly 5 months on the road, the pandemic hit. It was no longer safe to travel. We returned home to the DC area — but we continued the work of documenting America while in social isolation. The 50 States Project began as an epic road trip and grew to become something even larger: a study of before and after in a country forever changed by the events of 2020. 


Now that we’re vaccinated, we’re back on the road finishing what we started. We will continue traveling, painting, and photographing throughout 2021, completing the second half of our year of travel.


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"The road trip remains vital precisely because American spatial discovery and mental discovery, selfhood and nationhood, are so intertwined."

David Campany, The Open Road